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Texas Fine Woods
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Robert Hensarling
Mesquite Chair Artisan

What Seminar Students Have To Say

A note to thank you for the good class and for you sharing your experiences with us. During the past 35 years I have had an opportunity to attend many one to two week classes on engineering and construction techniques. The Corps of Engineers could take lessons from you, not only were your classes informative, but your dedication to wood working, accuracy and problem solving were undeniable the top of the list.
I couldn’t wait to get started on some of the joints so I made several samples with Oak and they came out great, again thanks for the book and the attention to detail you included. It makes following your instructions a real pleasure.

Robert, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class last week. I learned a "LOT". You are a great teacher. This was the best class that I have ever taken. Robert is a great teacher. Extremely knowledgeable and very patient. He will answer any question you can come up with. He doesn't have any secrets. The book is the best how to do it book around. He kept saying "if you do it by the book, you can build a chair" and I believe him. The pictures showed exactly what to do and where to make the marks. I'm waiting for Robert to hold another type class-like knife making or forging or leather working. I definitely will attend any type class he decides to teach. If after taking this course, you can't construct a chair, you shouldn't be working with wood. I would think anyone with a basic knowledge of woodworking with his templates and book can make a great looking chair.

Robert, I just arrived at my home in Flower Mound
Thank you for the seminar. It was enjoyable, informational, and thought provoking. I would recommend your class to any level woodworker without hesitation. During the 7 hour drive home I mulled over materials, cut patterns, recipients deserving of a Chair, what tools I could substitute, and what tools I should buy. It made for a speedy trip. I have even been considering building a kit for my father so that all he has to do is the grinding, gluing, and sanding. Thanks once again for the opportunity to study under you.
Best Regards,
Scott C
Hi Robert,
First I wanted to thank you for teaching an outstanding course. Most important to me was that you, Carrie and Jamie not only showed us how to build a rocking chair but also taught us the right tools to use, understand the art of the chair and most importantly how to live and share in a unique experience. Meeting your father and friends was an important part of the course and should be continued or increased in future courses. I wish I had an advertising sign for your shop. While traveling back home, I got stopped by everyone, except the security people, asking me what the templates were for. Given enough time, I would have been able to get you more students.I have no specific recommendations to improve the course since you and Jamie did such an excellent job. You could probably make a video of your course and get a lot of interest. You are a gifted, natural teacher for a difficult subject.
Thank you for everything you have taught me and my best regards to you and your family. Take care of your back!
Best regards, Skip
Robert, the seminar exceeded all of my expectations and was a wonderful learning experience. I don't have any idea how you might improve on such a quality product. This was the best money I have spent in 45 years as an avid amateur woodworker. First, I think the manual is just outstanding and the CD of the manual is a convenient bit of icing on the cake. The actual construction of the chair was carried out in a very organized and easy to follow manner. In addition to learning how to build a chair, I learned enough woodworking technique and had a sufficient number of woodworking myths corrected to make the seminar worth the price.

I enjoyed meeting your wife and Dad and thought your friend added to the fun of the seminar. His perspectives and experiences were fun to hear. I made a lot of pictures and as soon as I process them through my computer I will pick a few of the best and send them to you for whatever use they may be. I thought Jamie did a good job and given a little time will become a polished instructor. In closing I wish for you the very best with your medical procedure and hope you are soon back at knocking out those orders you have posted on your bulletin board.
Best Regards, EddieRobert,

Got home safe. Thanks for the opportunity to attend your class. Your ability to communicate construction techniques that I feel 100% confident in my ability to duplicate at home, is appreciated.

Got all the way back to San Antonio with no problems. Thanks for a really good lesson on building the Classic. As far as commenting on the class, I wouldn't change a thing. I would have no problems recommending the seminar to other wood workers. You not only learn to make the rocking chair but just a lot of wood working techniques form using T88, air tools for sanding, going from 80G to 220G and of course using the tungsten carbide grinding wheel. I know that it will change my woodworking technique. Thanks again Robert.
Hey Robert,
A little late, but wanted you to know what a great workshop it was and a really great bunch of guys.  Have been making slow progress on my chair but now that the holidays are over I plan on getting back to it.  Things are going pretty smooth so far,, We drove to Flagstaff for Christmas and came back through Uvalde.  Stopped by the shop but you were gone to lunch I guess.
Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years, and hope that you finished your 5 chairs in time.  Thanks again for a great workshop. You are a really good teacher.
Ray & Pat
Thanks for the great seminar. Like I mentioned, this was the first woodworking class I have ever taken, and it will take a lot for any in the future to stand up to yours. I learned so much during those 4 days. Both from you and the rest of the class. I want to thank you for your patience as you answered my questions, and for all the information that you so freely gave. Considering everything that you and the rest of the class taught and/or introduced me to, I definitely feel that I came out the winner attending your seminar. Linda and I visited Larry's gallery and then Jerry and Anna's place after leaving on Saturday. We helped saw up some Mesquite logs, and loaded them up in the van. They are upstairs in our barn now, stickered and drying. Looking forward to working with them.
Also, if it works out, we are hoping to be back down in March for the TMA meeting at Jerry and Anna's place. I've ordered the tools that I needed that I didn't have, also the epoxy. Should have all of it here by the end of the week. Then I can start in. Linda and I went up to the sawmill last Wednesday. Got some beautiful 2 inch rough cut walnut. Don had some boards he was saving for gunstocks that have beautiful curled, crotches in them. So, like everyone said, those curled areas are going first for the arms, headcrest, and the rest for the seat.
I did find a pneumatic 90 degree grinder, but went with the electric because the air tool was only 5 1/2 inches long, and I rather like my fingers whole.
Again, thank you for such a great class, and for the super hospitality during it. Up here everyone talks about Minnesota nice, but after meeting you, your folks, and the rest of the class participants, I think Texas has us beat. We definitely enjoyed our stay there and plan to be back to Texas again.
Thank you,
Scott and Linda
Hey Folks,
Just a note to say hi and to let ya'll know that I have made great progress on my Rocker. I am having a great time putting this project together. I've had to use some woodworker ingenuity but it almost done. My band saw does not a tall enough clearance so I had to do things the hard way. Robert you were right you can use the carbide doughnut to shape the head crest. Anyway my mom gets the first one. She has a birthday coming up in January. It will be a great birthday gift. Robert thanks for all your help. I would never have believed I could have built a Rocker this nice. I'll send pictures when I get them developed.  Thanks again
Robert Pacheco  
I've been out in the shop working on a large rocking horse, almost adult size.  As I'm working on it, the things you taught me on building the rocking chair rose up and made my horse easier then ever to build.  OK, I've got the plans for the rocking chair and the patterns, but what as occurred to me as to by much more important was the attention to the joinery, how to obtain it, use of different small hand tools.  Had I not received the instructions, and patterns, it would still have been worth the money for the schooling I received.  I'm not that advanced as a woodworker, but, it sure was nice to sit and learn something from someone else. I think I've got another fellow lined up to take your class, so guess I thought it was great!
 /_\    May an angel always be on your shoulder
Peggy & I wish to thank you for your most gracious hospitality. Solid instruction combined with a very generous sharing of techniques only a master possesses makes this class one of the best values around. A side benefit is spending time with folks that take friendship seriously.
Thank You Again!
Jerry Bennett
I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.

1.  It was a relaxed, friendly, and enjoyable environment.
1.  It was obvious that you knew what you were doing -- a true expert!
1.  The documentation was excellent.  (And, I am qualified to make this determination!)
1.  I enjoyed being able to share not related (scroll saw) information.
1.  The class size was great as I got to meet and make friends with everybody.

Yes, I know, all my reasons are numbered "1".  I just couldn't assign another number which would make one reason less important than any other.  All in all, my experience was great, and well worth my time!

Thanks so much!
Kathryn Hampton
Quality Assurance Engineer

I wanted to thank you again for all your hospitality and instruction last week. It really was a great class. I've ordered most of my gear and hope to start on my "Great Chair Adventure" soon.
As far as feedback goes:

1. I thought the pacing was perfect
2. I did appreciate receiving the manual early so I could read through before the first day. (The manual is great by the way!)
3. The group size was fine.

I give you an A! I really think I can build this chair after I practice a little with that grinding donut and die grinder.
Thanks Again,

Hi Robert,
Just want to let you know i had a great time and learned a lot  about rocker chair building.  You have a great teaching method I'm not sure what you could change to make it better. But I'll try to send some info to help you in your seminars. I  know I will have questions for you, so i will keep in touch.  Thanks  for sharing  your time and knowledge. I can't wait to get started.
Thank you
Dan Rejman
Hey Robert,
Just a note to say I had a great time and we made it home OK. Stayed a extra night in San Antonio, visiting family. But I'm back home and already cut my templates out. Great advice on the size of band saw blades. I changed blades and the old saw has never cut better. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the class. It has given me a great deal of confidence. I turned a two by four in to a back slat just for practice and it turned out really nice. Thanks and I will try and keep in touch.
Robert Pacheco
Hello Robert,
Once again you have gathered a great group of fellows to  your seminar and I am once again indebted for being allowed to sit in.  Jerry  emailed me this morning from San Antonio before his flight to Kansas City and he was really excited about the seminar and looking forward to making his first chair.
I have now finished shaping the arms and tomorrow will cut, fit, and  drill the headcrest. So far it looks good.
Thanks again for you help and instruction.
Please know that I really appreciate the opportunity to refresh my knowledge of your great rocker construction. I do intend to build one or two or more to hand down to my kids, and I feel confident that I can do an acceptable job with your excellent tutoring and demonstration. It will make you proud.    
Bob Dennison
You did a wonderful job teaching us how to construct your rocking chair, which I feel capable of attempting after four days with you and the clarity of your Instruction manual. As I have reviewed the finely detailed material, complete with picture references that you supplied us, I am increasingly amazed at your organizational abilities in developing this step by step approach. Your 'real calling' may be as a teacher, which I know you also are, in aviation. Thanks for a fine woodworking experience, and I would like to drop in some day for a renewal.
Bob D

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your sharing your gifts for woodworking with us (I'm sure I speak for the others as well). It was a really pleasant experience. I have already begun searching the Classified Ads for tools. I found a Rockwell 20" band saw . As I recall you had a Rockwell-Delta among your six band saws. I may go look at this one.
Bob M.
Now that I've had a chance to look back on last week I want you to know that it was Great!  I loved it.  When you first take the class you don't know what to expect but since I've built a few chairs I knew what I need to look for and look at.  I believe I learned as much this time as last.  It was the right size class and made for an enjoyable seminar. THANK YOU so much for the invite to the class I really enjoyed it.   Thanks, John Y Hi Robert, I must tell you that your class was the best class I have ever had. It was my first woodworking class. I really enjoy building these chairs. I have made mistakes on all of them but like my high school shop teacher told me, "the sign of a good woodworker is not how good you can make something the first time but how well you can recover from your mistakes." It was great taking a class from the master. I am thankful that you are willing to share your skills with others.
Terry from Michigan
Overall, its one of the best training classes I've been to.  I have been to a number of one week photography classes, but I feel much better about having learned useful skills at your class than these classes.
I enjoyed the hands on opportunity to help on the back slats (I can't believe you let us touch that curly maple!).  I will  be recommending this seminar to the folks in my woodworking group. Thanks:  for the great bar-b-que; a chance to meet you, your dad and wife; a chance to poke around all that wonderful old woodworking equipment; and finally, for the chance to learn a skill I hope to put to use soon.  I'll send you a picture and a buck when #1 is done.
Bill from Michigan
We had a great time in Texas and a safe trip home. Visiting with your parents and aunt was great.  Thank you for a great time.  Donna wants to thank you for inviting her for lunch..  That was a nice touch.  Your seminar was more than I expected.  I believe that I learned something from each of  your speakers, even the talk on the sex life of the mesquite tree, very interesting, and of course you taught me quite a bit. I have used a Freud  joiner for years and never realized that the setting was 3/8 " when sitting on the bench. Thanks for that it will save me a lot of time gluing up joints.  I really can't offer any advice on improving the seminar.  It went well and everyone enjoyed it.  I will order a set of plans for the rockers that I hope to work on next winter.  Also is there a set of plans available for  you dining room table chairs?  If not it looks like rocker plans would work with the addition of a couple of stretchers.If you decide to market the video please let me know. Again thank you for your hospitality and you will see us in the near future.
Take care,
Al from Colorado
Arrived home safely about 1:00 PM Sun afternoon. I would once again like to thank you for an extremely enjoyable time and an excellent seminar. During my work career, I went to many seminars relating to my job. While most of those seminars were interesting and job related a lot of them left the feeling why did I go to that seminar to learn something I could have read out of the handouts. This class was not that way and would go back again. I would love to take the 10 day course but unfortunately I don't think its in the budget. If you see my name in the paper saying that I won the Texas lottery, sign me up for a 10 day course. I don't have any questions yet but I'm sure I will once I start working on the first chair.  Once again thanks for an enjoyable and were worth while class. Tom  Got home OK.  Am clearing work area to begin seat practice blank.  Have some red oak cants which will be OK for a start.  The seminar was great.  A real confidence builder.  At this moment, I can build a chair.  More on this later. See you next month, if not sooner.
Hi Robert,
I got back to Houston a little after dark and trip went well. I really enjoyed the seminar and have told my friends at work about it. There's one or two that are interested, just short of time right now. I went to the woodworkers show here Sunday but they didn't have anything special. I ended up ordering a few things over the phone. By the way, I wrote down that you used a 3/4" round over bit in places. Is that right. I looked at them and they seemed bigger than I remembered. I seem to remember you used them to round over the rockers. Let me know when you can. I also ordered the "donut". I will send you more photos when I get them developed. Thanks again for the great class and if anyone wants a recommendation, send them my way.
Hi Robert,
My chair and I are home safe and sound. I just squeaked through Dallas before the rush traffic on Tuesday and drove to Texarcana. I left Wednesday at 4 A.M. and arrived home Thursday at 5 A.M. I'm still buzzing about the beautiful chair I have and how I enjoyed the course. It was a perfect pace for me. I am amazed at the energy you have to individualize each step of the process to each chair maker. I am currently trying to decipher and expand my notes to supplement your plans. Thanks for the good time and I will keep in touch as I work through a new chair. Good luck in Dallas!
Dear Robert:
In thinking about the seminar, I can find little that I would change.  It was a terrific experience. I believe there are a couple key elements that made it so and these I would not tamper with:

1.  The size of 4 people was just right.  As I saw it the group did not overwhelm the instructor or the number of tools available to accomplish the tasks given.
2.  Completing a chair to the application of the finish is a worthwhile goal.  There is an extreme feeling of wonder in seeing the process completed for the participant. They leave your seminar with the feeling that they have grown significantly in an area that they obviously care about.
3.  The last key element is your passion for the process of building rocking chairs and your generosity in sharing that knowledge.  This, in my opinion, is what makes the seminar a success.  Just being yourself will assure the success of these endeavors.  (It is also great to have your parents around -- your most ardent fans!)
Testimonial: If you've hacked on wood for awhile and still long for that day when you create something beautiful that will be in your family for generations because they want it to stay, then attend the 10 day seminar with Robert Hensarling. He will teach you the process of making an heirloom rocker, and you'll have a terrific time along the journey.

Robert, thanks again. It was a time of confidence building in my woodworking and the experience was terrific.  Please thank Carrie for dinner and your parents for the daily donuts.

Howdy Robert,
Just wanted to say again what a great 4-day class I experienced with y'all.  It was certainly well worth the time, effort, and money spent, a rarity these days. It's fun working on the rocker. I really appreciate being able to stand on your shoulders in doing this rocker. My wife is kicking up her heels, she's excited seeing me so excited.
Adios, your friend Dennis