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Texas Fine Woods
4326 East Main
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Robert Hensarling
Mesquite Chair Artisan

Photo Tour of 4 Day Seminar

Robert has students from across the nation, and Canada attend his seminars. Over the four day period, the students watch as Robert takes a stack of mesquite lumber, and transforms it into a finished rocker.  Read on for an idea of what happens during each of the four days.

Welcome to Robert Hensarling's seminar page. In these photos, we will show and explain just what the course will entail when you attend one of his classes. Classes meet at 8:00 AM the first morning. Robert likes to get everyone comfortable, with coffee, donuts, and introductions. Each participant will tell a little bit about thierselves, and what one does in the everyday world. Starting promptly at 9:00 AM, Robert gets the class started. This will be a busy four days for Robert, but you'll be able to relax and enjoy the show. You'll receive a detailed manual, complete with text, photographs, and a full set of actual chair templates.




*** DAY TWO ***

On day two the seat is removed from the clamps. It is shaped, sanded, and the outer profile is routed over. Robert then places it on a five gallon plactic bucket, and dry clamps the front, and rear legs in place, so that the arms can be attached and fitted.




*** DAY THREE ***

By day three, things are really rolling very nicely. Everyone has become friends with each other, and the session takes on a very comfortable atmosphere. Everyone  really enjoys this class.










*** DAY FOUR ***

The final day. All of the work finally pays off here. The first thing Robert does is take the clamps off of the chair.



Woodworking is inherently dangerous.
All participants are required to sign a liability release form before each seminar commences.