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Robert Hensarling
Custom Knife Artisan



South Texas Mesquite Furniture Artesian Robert Hensarling has been making knives since 1987. He has had others make the sheaths for his knives, until recently, when he met Paul Long, of Kerrville, Texas. Paul is an accomplished leatherworker in general, and a Master of Sheathmaking in particular. Paul took Robert under his wing and has been working with him covering all of the various aspects of proper sheathmaking. One of Paul's most noticeable characteristics is the addition of a quality lining on the inside of each sheath. Soft deer skin is utilized for this lining. The liner is carefully sewn, then "rolled" over the top, and down into the bottom of the sheath. This gives the knife a firmer grip inside the sheath, plus also protecting the knife from rubbing on anything that could mar it. This special lining takes time to do, and one must be skilled in its application or else it just won't look right. Paul has taught Robert well with the lining, and it shows. Robert's pricing is straight forward, and he offers several options for the collector/user:

Prices are as follows (Includes a natural finish, belt loop, or a metal clip for belt or boot):

1. Pouch type for a folder


2. Pouch type for a small fixed blade


3. Double-welt type for a fixed blade Includes a snap retainer


4. For a tooled pattern, add


5. For an inlay, (various skins such as Rattlesnake, Ostrich, and Alligator), add


Postage will be added when the sheath is shipped.

Payment is due when you receive your sheath. Cash, check, or M.O. accepted. If, for some reason, you do not like your sheath, please return it, for a no questions asked refund less any postage that may apply.